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Venetian blinds are a budget-friendly addition to make your room look modern yet stylish. Venetian Blinds, also known as horizontal blinds, are basically metal or wood slats hanged on ladder-like cords. Unlike curtains, these blinds allow adjusting the amount of light entering the room as well as the direction of the light. So, they are perfect for the room where constant light adjustment is not practical.

Venetian Blinds Hull

We have a wide range of Venetian Blinds available in different sizes, shapes, and colours. However, if you have an unusual shape or size window, our made-to-measure service will ensure that our blinds fit perfectly in your windows.

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds For Windows

The Venetian blind is probably one of the most common styles of window covering. They have been around for centuries and are still a popular choice today. Although their name suggests an origin in Venice, they originated in Persia, however, were discovered by Venetian traders who introduced them to Europe. Fast forward to now and it is probably unlikely that you haven’t come across the style. Even famous historical paintings have paid homage to them either featuring in the background or as the primary subject, e.g., the painting by Edmund Charles Tarbell named after the window covering itself. The simple design can be produced with a variety of materials, making them a versatile option in many interior spaces, from professional, sleek offices to cosy, homely cottages.

When you consider Venetian blinds for your windows, you cannot go wrong with this classic option. From our base in Hull, at The Shutter Expert, we offer an excellent selection to choose from. They can be great in any setting and can be installed throughout a property yet still offer the versatility required in all spaces. Offering functionality with timeless sophistication. For example, if installed in a kitchen, they afford the possibility to open the windows and adjust the slats, allowing air to circulate without having to raise the blinds, while maintaining a good level of privacy. Our kitchen Venetian blinds Hull team can help you pick an option that is perfectly suited for the kitchen area.

Living Room Venetian Blinds Hull

In a bedroom, the opening and closing of the slats can manage the amount of light entering the room, depending on the time of day, so you can be in control of your desired privacy and light requirements. We offer a great range of bedroom Venetian blinds to choose from, to complete your room of rest.

Or in a living room, they can be raised just like a Roman style, allowing maximum light into the room. Our living room Venetian blinds Hull team can discuss all your requirements, helping you pick out materials and colours to match your living space.

The same goes for professional settings. We offer options that are simple and smart, creating the sleek, professional look you are aiming for. They can be easily and quickly cleaned and last for years without looking dated. We will gladly assist any commercial customers in selecting the most suitable styles for your professional environment.

If you would like to find out more about our Venetian blinds services in Hull, you can contact us through our online contact form. With so much to choose from, our team is ready to support all our customers in selecting the perfect choice for them. Call us or book an appointment and we will be happy to assist you through the entire process.

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