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Looking for shutters for large windows or openings?

TRACKED SHUTTERS is what you are looking for!! They are perfect for a large area where the framework is not practical to carry the weight of shutter panels.

Tracked shutters have a sliding mechanism. Their panels are hanged from the top track and all the weight is born by the wheel chucks in the bottom track. They come in bi-fold and bi-pass options.

While bi-fold shutters have to have an even number of panels and they require space to fold, bi-pass shutters slide behind each other leaving a clear opening.

Why Tracked Shutters?

Perfect for large windows and openings.

Sophisticated style with affordable prices

Can be customized in different colours and materials of your choice.

Bi-fold and bi-pass opening options available.

Can be used as a divider in large rooms.

Unique. Affordable. Stylish.

Tracked Shutters

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